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Dec. 11, 2019
ENCORE (Live Electro)
Maria Laurent, keyboards
Clément Chanaud-Ferrenq, drums

ENCORE erkunden einen einzigartigen Style, welcher spielerisch einprägsame catchy Melodien mit der Energie elektronischer Club Music verbindet. Rücken an Rücken und mit der völligen Hingabe zur Improvisation und dichten Soundflächen, besitzt das Duo eine ergreifende Bühnenpresenz.

Maria (Keyboards) und Clément (Drums) trafen sich 2015 in Strasbourg und seit dem spielten sie bereits unzählig viele Konzerte in Frankreich und darüber hinaus. Mit ihrem Sound gewannen Sie Jazzfans wie Clubbing People gleichermaßen, was sich nicht zuletzt in einigen Auszeichung so mancher Wettbewerb zeigt.

Winner - « Jeunes talents » Nancy Jazz Pulsations 2018
Winner - « NJP Sessions » 2019
Nominee - Hopl’awards 2018


37 M2 – EP – 2018
KubiQ Night – EP – 2017
Le Berger Blanc - EP – 2016
ENCORE - EP – 2016


Le Supersonic, Paris (FR)
Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Nancy (FR)
La Laiterie, Strasbourg (FR)
DAF Festival, Geneva (CH)
OjalaEstëMiBici, Barcelona (ES)


Magazine Mix, Emmanuel Dosda, June 2018
They play back to back. No need to see each other: the (young) duo is like an old couple. In a black and sweaty tank top, Maria Laurent on keyboards and Clément Chanaud-Ferrenq on drums, only form a two-headed entity named Encore. The group is not the addition of the backgrounds of its two members, one coming from hip-hop (After Beat Control), the other from jazz improvisation (Double Vision). Impro has a prominent place in the creative process of tandem that met at Cedim a few years ago. His fourth EP was recorded in a studio microphone of 37 m2 under construction: hence the impression of a music in perpetual building site, hilly (when the keyboards begin to creak), where the trance succeeds the absence ( of rhythm), where one loses his bearings between techno 100% acoustic, BO way Carpenter, jazz cubiq and rock arithmetic.

Review, Indie Rock Mag, May 2018,
Active for three years in the metropolis of Strasbourg, Encore is a young duo electro noise of the most atypical. Articulated around a drums and synthesizers, the formation, already author of three EP, released this month his fourth self-production entitled 37 M2. Although restricted by its minimalist training, the group develops a large register with multiple sonorities. His many lines of synthesizers are the heart of his intimate creations. Each one of them develops original harmonies as melodic (Ce samedi) as noiseists (Padada). These are based on subtle rhythmic percussions closer than a real drums. Encore develops its own synergy. His compositions slowly scroll to better culminate in the superposition of keyboards loops finally deconstructed (Peut-être). 37 M2 is a real collection of incantations provided with a phantasmagorical vitality. This spontaneous trance is performed on stage by the grace of mobile mirrors allowing the formation to play back to back. Spotted by various devices accompanying the Great East, Encore has great potential in view of its current course. Let's hope that his next introspections are just as bright.

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Dec. 18, 2019
Iron & Stone
Iron & Stone ist eine fünfköpfige Doom-/Stonerrockband aus Hildesheim und Hannover.
2012 als Recording-Projekt gegründet, spielt die Band seit 2015 auch regelmäßig Liveshow
und hat u.a. bereits Support für Conan, Elder, Mammoth Mammoth, King Buffalo und Mantar gemacht.

Im September ist Iron & Stones neue EP "You Can't Stop What's Coming" auf Hand Of Doom Records
erschienen (erhältlich auf Vinyl oder als Download). Die Texte der vier Songs wurden durch die Verfilmung
von Cormack MacCarthys "No Country For Old Men" inspiriert.

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Dec. 27, 2019
Jan. 1, 2020
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